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How can you use AI in recruitment? - Interview with Jane Bergman, OnePartnerGroup

Jane Bergman explains in an interview how OnePartnerGroup is using AI to streamline the recruitment process.

Tell us about your role. What inspired you to follow this career path?

"I have a degree in marketing and worked for many years in marketing within the education industry.

A bit of a coincidence actually, I changed careers completely and started working in recruitment within the recruitment and staffing industry and stayed there for a couple of years.

I enjoyed both my roles, so when the CEO from OnePartnerGroup asked me “What would you like to do?” I replied that I enjoyed combining and developing marketing with recruitment.

Now, I have been working as an Employer Branding Manager for almost four years. It is an amazing opportunity that I am thankful for. I really love my job!"


How did you decide to implement the use of artificial intelligence in the recruitment process?

"In our organisation, we tend to be naturally curious.

One of our values is forward-leaning and for us it means, among other things, being curious and striving to be at the forefront of our industry, which is quite a traditional and old-fashioned field, if I dare to be a bit cheeky."

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What goals are you trying to achieve with the help of artificial intelligence in the recruitment process?

"One goal was, above all, efficiency in our own processes and objectivity towards candidates in the initial selection phase.

We want to spend less time on administrative tasks to shift most of our time and effort into these tasks that create and bring more value to our candidates.

Everyone who has been in our industry and worked with recruitment knows that a large part of the job goes into administration."


What are some trends in recruitment that you think will change with automation?

"That we will really take advantage of the insights we gain access to based on the data we have today.

Data-driven recruitment has been on the agenda for a long time, but I hope and believe that it will take a new and bigger role.

Behavioural science is another trend I believe will be a crucial factor going forward.

Given how the labour market looks like today, we need to be more proactive than ever and meet the right candidate at the right time."

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What advice do you have for leaders who are looking to use artificial intelligence in the recruitment process but don’t know where to start yet?

"Visualize your workflows and processes and find out where bottlenecks may arise.

Think about whether you want your employees to spend their precious time on repetitive and administrative tasks or if they can create more value somewhere else in the recruitment process.

Start small and keep testing to see what works best is my advice!"

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