Screening process

Make the screening process fast and accurate

Recruiters often face the task of screening hundreds of resumes, many of which are not entirely relevant for the job description. This is time consuming and sometimes even error prone, since no human can be expected to have knowledge of all industries and skill sets.

Avoid repetitive tasks

Layke’s intelligent matching algorithm helps with initial screening and presents you with a list of relevant candidates based on skills and experience.

This way, you can avoid a repetitive and time-consuming task and focus on more subjective matters, such as improving the candidate experience.

Beyond keyword analysis

Layke can generate associations from a large number of texts. This means that our algorithm identifies not only the keywords from a resume, but it also matches synonyms and related titles and competencies.


Focus your efforts on candidates

Most businesses already own a candidate pool from previous applications, yet most of the existing information is unstructured. This means that relevant passive applicants end up unnoticed in the screening process. Do you know what talent hides in your database?

Layke helps you and your organization structure your existing candidate database to fill positions faster with talent rediscovery. Our algorithm uses modern methods in machine learning to extract information from every profile of each candidate, which allows you to know exactly what talent already exists in your database.