Integrity policy

Your privacy is very important for us at Layke Analytics AB (“Layke”). Our aim is for you to feel safe with our processing of your personal data.

Layke's customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders who have contact with Layke should be able to trust that Layke respects their privacy, and follows applicable laws and regulations when collecting and processing data that can be used to identify any individual person ("Personal Data'').

Layke enters into service agreements with its customers. Within the framework of these service agreements, customers provide files containing varying amounts of resumes from candidates regarding various positions in the private and/or public sector. The customers have previously entered into agreements with the candidates whose resumes the customers have access to. These agreements state that candidates agree that their Personal Data can be processed in order to promote their interests for being eligible for and be able to obtain a certain position and that they allow such processing to take place electronically and by the supplier to customers, e.g. Layke.

Customers are responsible for personal data according to GDPR in relation to their candidates regarding the personal data included in the resumes that customers provide to Layke electronically.

Layke, in turn, enters into a personal data assistant agreement ("Assistant Agreement") with its customers before the process of Personal Data takes place. The Assistant Agreements state that Layke has the right to process the resumes according to Layke's methodology, as well as the fact that candidates have given their consent to this.

When Layke receives files containing resumes, each resume is depersonalized and encrypted in such a way that each document is given a neutral designation - normally a combination of letters and numbers, e.g. C 467 - which does NOT allow the candidate to be identified. The resume, with such neutral designations, is then compared electronically with the requirements specification regarding competence and work experience that a particular job requires.

The result of this matching procedure means that candidates, still under a neutral designation, are ranked in relation to the position to which the scan relates. Layke's customer then receives part of the result from the match in the form of a list of candidates according to a ranking that Layke's process has arrived at. Delivery to the customer takes place completely electronically and during the entire process from submission of resume to delivery of ranking list, the candidates' Personal Information remains anonymous.

The customer chooses in which situation the encryption is to be removed and when the candidates' identity must once again appear to the customer. Layke does not save any personal information, and as soon as delivery has taken place as above, all resumes are removed from Layke's databases and systems. No copies are saved.

The Personal Data that is processed about candidates takes place within the framework of the customers' operations. Layke does not transfer any information to outsiders. Nor does Layke transfer any information to third parties or other countries.

Your rights

In cases where the processing of personal data is based on consent, a person may withdraw his/her consent at any time, provided that the withdrawal does not affect the legality of the previous processing or if there is another legal basis for the processing.

According to the GDPR, a person may have the right to (i) receive information about which personal data concerning the person is being processed; (ii) access this information and, if necessary, request that it be corrected; (iii) demand that personal data concerning the person be deleted; (iv) prevent Layke from processing or limit Layke's ability to process personal data; (v) obtain from Layke a copy of the personal data provided by the person in a structured, plain and machine-readable format.

How do we protect your information?

Layke protects personal data in accordance with applicable data protection legislation and data security.

Storage period

Layke only saves data for as long as it is needed for the purpose for which, and under the agreements for which, it has been collected. Layke's handling of resumes as described above is done solely to ensure the fulfilment of legal obligations and compliance with agreements.

For further information on the Personal Data Protection Ordinance (“GDPR”), please refer to the Privacy Protection Authority (

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