One tool, multiple platforms

Layke Search helps you make candidate search easier using artificial intelligence. Create a trial account and discover its features.

How we help you search for relevant candidates

Automated suggestions with help of AI

No one knows all job titles and necessary skills for a role, and that's okay!

We help you improve your search through automated suggestions relevant to the role you're looking for.

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Market insights and industries

Are you looking for candidates with previous experience from a certain company or industry? 

Our company feature helps you identify organisations in the same industry, of the same size, and/or type.

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One boolean for multiple platforms

Boolean strings can be confusing and difficult to construct. 

Use our tool to automatically generate a boolean string and easily identify candidates on multiple platforms.  

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Why recruiters choose Layke Search


Smart searches

AI technology helps you automatically generate suggestions for relevant job titles and/or skills to use as the basis for your search.


Accessible tool

The tool is easily accessible on your web browser, so you can use it on any platform without losing your progress. 


Multiple platforms

Expand your search outside LinkedIn by applying your search strings on multiple platforms, with just one click.

Improve your candidate search with Layke