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Layke Blog | Three lessons learned from running a startup


1. What made you choose this career path?

I have always been interested in building and creating something of my own. I see opportunities in most things and think that life is too short not to explore these opportunities.


2. What is one of the biggest challenges you have to overcome?

I encounter challenges all the time, after which it is difficult to point at a particular one. But common to my main challenges is that they always involve other people. Making necessary decisions that you know will disappoint one or more people is one such example.


3. How are you overcoming these challenges?

The best thing about challenges is that the more of them I need to handle, the more I develop and grow as a person. Sometimes I find myself thinking about it in the middle of such situations “this really sucks, but just do the job and you come out so much stronger afterwards”, and it has actually helped me a lot.


4. What are three lessons that you’ve learned as a CEO of a tech startup?

Expectations management

Developing and selling such a technologically advanced solution as we do usually comes with high expectations from our counterparties. Sometimes, it feels like I am trying to sell a spaceship given the technology we are using. I believe it is important to set expectations right from the very beginning.

Not only it is important to highlight the advantages of our product but also to communicate the limitations the technique has. Doing this right from the beginning, being honest and clear makes it easier to communicate with customers over time.


Dealing with setbacks 

Setbacks are a part of my everyday life. Problem-solving is, generally, the main task in my work. That is why I came to the realization that I need to find an approach to manage them.

I need to see the setbacks as a part of my everyday work rather than me having to deal with them, from time to time, when it happens. Finding this approach to setbacks makes my everyday work as a tech entrepreneur significantly easier.


The power of a good team 

This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone but I cannot stress enough the importance of a good team. As much as a good team can raise your business and contribute to an easier workday so can a less good team lead to the exact opposite.

The question is how does one know that they have a good team, that they have good resources? I think it is a similar question to someone asking themselves if they are in love or not. If you have to think about it, then you’re probably not. It is the same for a team. If I am questioning whether my team is good or not, then it probably isn’t the right one.


4. What is one goal you are trying to complete?

One of my goals is to bring a service to the market that will be used by and help many people and businesses in their everyday lives.